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We are a parent led group from Belmayne Educate Together and surrounding national schools in the Dublin 13 area. Our purpose is to promote and gather support for the establishment of an Educate Together Secondary School in Dublin 13.

In November 2015, the then Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan announced the national new schools programme build. The Dublin 13 area got a mere mention for review of numbers in 2018. Since then our group has been gathering expressions of interest in order to highlight the urgent need for an Educate Together secondary school in area. We feel this needs to be addressed and acted upon now as we currently do not have a non denominational secondary school option for our children to continue their further education in this area of Dublin.

The campaign to date has focussed on lobbying the Department of Education and Skills and our local political representatives for a new post-primary school to service the Dublin 13 postal code area, in tandem with gathering expressions of interest from parents in the Dublin 13 area who wish for a multi denominational child centered secondary school to be established here.

Sandra, Fiona & Kristina

Some campaign members at community events in 2017.

We need your help!!

If you are currently living in the Dublin 13 area please complete an Expression of Interest form on our website. Spread the word and links to friends and family. Speak to your local representatives when they come to your door and let’s make this a reality for our children.


Committee members in Belmayne ETNS

Our main committee is made up of the following parents below: (The classes that our children attend in the school are in brackets after our names).

Kristina Ryan (Shane G’s 3rd, Sarah M’s 1st and Becky’s Jr. In), Sinéad Morris (Maria’s 4th & Ronan’s 2nd), Fiona Peacham (Shane G’s 3rd), Catherine Grant (Shane C’s 5th & Mel’s Snr In), Sandra Adams (Ronan’s 2nd) and Evelien Schillern (Mel’s Snr In).

Throughout the year we will have an increased awareness and interaction with parents, including events and gatherings designed to provide a focal point for the campaign, generate expressions of interest and answer any questions you might have.

If you have any questions or want to join the campaign team. Approach us in the school yard or make contact via the website or social media pages.                  @dnet2ndlevel

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