Student Council Elections 2020

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The Student Council plays a big part in school life here at Belmayne. Elections are held annually and for the 2020/2021 school year, they were held on the 15th of October. Due to covid restrictions, the process was quite different this year. Despite this, it was a very exciting election this year with exceptionally enthusiastic candidates.

To begin with, all children from fifth and sixth were invited to put themselves forward as candidates. In total 9 children from Sarah’s class, 10 from Aoife’s class, 7 from Sally’s class and 11 children from Stephan’s class put themselves as candidates. This year Sally was the co-ordinator of the elections. She asked all candidates to record a video of themselves for this election. Before recording the videos the candidates learnt about the qualities and traits a good candidate should have. They were then taught how to present a persuasive speech for their election campaign.  

In Belmayne, there are 8 students on the Student Council. This year 37 brave children ran for these 8 seats! The election process this year had two rounds. In round one, only Fifth and Sixth class voted. Each of these classes chooses four candidates to represent their class. This meant that 16 children went through to the final round of elections.

The candidates in the final round of elections this year had to do all their canvasing through videos and election posters. In these videos and posters, the candidates outlined their ideas. Each teacher showed the 16 videos to their classes throughout the week. The standard was very high and all classes had lively debates and discussions about their favourite candidates. Many children in the junior classes were very proud to have siblings, friends and neighbours running as candidates. This year, however, (due to Covid restrictions) the candidates could not directly answer questions from the voters.

On Election Day there was huge excitement in the school. Sally, Sinead and Colum went from class to class to collect the votes. Children were called out of class individually and voted in privacy for their preferred candidate. In the junior classes, the children were shown pictures of the candidates and they pointed to the one they wished to vote for.  

Congratulations to Jenny, who is our new Student Council President and to the other seven successful candidates. We look forward to a great year.

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