Update Regarding Winter Performances

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  • Can all parents please help their children learn their lines for their class’ performance.
  • Entry for Winter assemblies will be through the front door at reception and exit through the hall doors.
  • Buggies cannot be brought into the hall. They need to be folded up. We will show you where to place them during the performance and where to collect them afterwards.
  • Out of respect for pupils and teachers, young children are not permitted to run around the hall during the performances. Parents must keep children seated. If any babies/young children get upset/agitated during the performance we ask that you take them out of the hall until they settle.
  • As we have the hall now there will be no restriction on attendance.
  • After the performances, the school day will continue as normal. Some parents have asked if they can take their children home after the performance rather than coming back again for pick up. If you plan to do this please let the teacher know in advance.
  • Tea and coffee will be provided at the assemblies. Parents are welcome to bring travel mugs to save us on the washing up! We will also have a Xmas hamper raffle with strips selling for €2 on the day.

Reminder of times and day

9th of December – Monday

9:15 Christine’s class

9:50 Sarah’s Class

11:00 Jessica’s Class

11:40 Maria’s Class

1:00 Karl’s Class

10th of December – Tuesday

8:45 Rachel

9:25 Brian

9:55 Claire

10:50 Hannah

11:15 Becky

11:45 Aoife Mc D

11th of December-Wed

8:45 Karen’s Class

9:15 Aoife O C

9:45 Shane C

11:00 Sally

11:45 Sarah

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