About Our School

Sinead O'Meara

Sinéad O’Meara – Principal

Belmayne Educate Together N.S. welcomes you and your child and I look forward to a happy and successful relationship with you over the coming years. As the Principal in a newly established school I am enjoying the development of relationships with students, parents and the local community. As a parent myself I understand the importance of giving each child an equal opportunity in achieving academic success at school whilst also developing the child as an individual person.

I believe that my experience as a class teacher and also working in the area of Home School Community Liaison for over a decade has given me both the experience and the tools to support the development and success of Belmayne ETNS.

We are an Educate Together School which is a specific type of state funded primary school in Ireland. Our school is part of the National school system which was established in 1831 and comprises of all state funded primary schools. Like all Irish Primary schools we follow the National Curriculum.


The Charter of Educate Together

The Charter of Educate Together commits us to uphold the following core principles.

  • Multi-denominational
  • Co-educational
  • Child Centred
  • Democratically run

We believe it is important that as a parent / guardian you feel welcome in the school. Education is a partnership between home and school with a shared responsibility based on trust and mutual understanding. The co-operation and participation of parents with our school in the education of their child is positively encouraged. A good relationship between school and home builds a child’s confidence, aids their learning and helps them to fulfil their potential in all areas.

This is a happy vibrant school where all children will be given the opportunity of learning in a caring, stimulating environment. We aim to give your child the opportunity to develop into a well rounded individual.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” – John Dewey

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