Staff 2018/19

The Principal is Sinéad M’Meara and Deputy Principal is Gearóid Ó Flatharta. In addition we have 22 teachers working in class and on our support team. We also employ three special needs assistants. The Curriculum for National Schools is followed and the teachers co-ordinate their work through regular meetings.

Sinéad O'Meara

Sinéad O'Meara Principal

Principal since 2008

Gearóid Ó Flatharta

Gearóid Ó Flatharta Support Teacher & Deputy Principal

Support Team & ISM

Jessica Whelan

Jessica Whelan Maintream Teacher

Junior Infants

Maria Lawlor

Maria Lawlor Maintream Teacher

Junior Infants

Julie Grant

Julie Grant Mainstream Teacher

Senior Infants

Becky Collins

Becky Collins Mainstream Teacher

Senior Infants

Colum Hayden

Colum Hayden Mainstream Teacher

1st Class

Hannah Mahony

Hannah Mahony Mainstream Teacher

1st Class

Rachel Flynn

Rachel Flynn Mainstream Teacher

2nd Class

Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy Mainstream Teacher

2nd Class

Shane Cumiskey

Shane Cumiskey Mainstream Teacher

3rd Class

Aoife O'Connell

Aoife O'Connell Maintream Teacher

3rd Class

Christine Kelly

Christine Kelly Mainstream Teacher

4th Class

Sally Robinson

Sally Robinson Maintream Teacher

4th Class

Karl Lawless

Karl Lawless Mainstream Teacher

5th Class

Karen Boyle

Karen Boyle Maintream Teacher

5th Class

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh Mainstream Teacher

6th Class

Kevin McNally

Kevin McNally Mainstream Teacher

6th Class

Geni Fallon

Geni Fallon Support Team Coordinator

Support Team

Mel Taylor

Mel Taylor Support Teacher

Support Team

Ronan Bergin

Ronan Bergin Support Teacher

Support Team

Joe Kavanagh

Joe Kavanagh Support Teacher & ISM

Support Team & ISM

Viv Gaynor

Viv Gaynor Support Teacher & ISM

Support Team & ISM

Aoife McDonnell

Aoife McDonnell Support Teacher

Support Team

Susan Christie

Susan Christie Secretary

Lavinia Hogan

Lavinia Hogan Secretary

Elaine Moran

Elaine Moran Special Needs Assistant

Caterina Gallagher

Caterina Gallagher Special Needs Assistant

Anne McDonnell

Anne McDonnell Special Needs Assistant

Cristina Font

Cristina Font Special Needs Assistant

Michelle Genc

Michelle Genc Special Needs Assistant & Afterschool

Karolina Wierzbinska

Karolina Wierzbinska Afterschool Manager

Maedhbh McNeill

Maedhbh McNeill Afterschool

Louise Mulligan

Louise Mulligan Afterschool

Geoff Shaw

Geoff Shaw Caretaker

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