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Sacramental Preparation Classes for Children

Children who are to receive the sacraments of the Catholic Church – Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation – must receive 2 academic years of preparation instruction (hereafter called religion classes) prior to receiving the sacraments.  Classes to meet these criteria are provided, at a cost, by the Catholic Education Group to children who do not receive Faith Instruction in their Primary School, ex Educate Together National Schools. 

Classes are held on a Wednesday afternoons in Holy Trinity Parish in Donaghmede.  The Catholic Education Group employs two catechists to teach these classes.  These are fully trained and Garda vetted teachers.

Children usually receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion at the end of 2nd class, so the norm is that they would attend the religion classes from the September of 1st class through to the May of 2nd class.  Likewise, the sacrament of confirmation is normally received at the end of 6th class so the children would attend the religion classes from the September of 5th class through to the March/April of 6th class.  Children from other classes, excluding Junior or Senior Infants, or who move from areas/countries where different age norms apply are welcome to attend the classes, once the 2 year minimum preparation is maintained. Please contact the Catholic Education Group for more information.

Children from non-Catholic traditions are welcome to attend the classes. However, only baptised children can go on to receive the sacraments.

The reception of the sacraments is facilitated through Holy Trinity Parish in Donaghmede.  Children must be registered with the parish office separately to their enrolment for classes. Information regarding this registration will be given to families as required by the parish.


There is a cost for these classes.  Fees are payable within in the first 3 weeks of the September and January terms. The cost covers tuition and all costs associated with the ceremonies – booklets, flowers for the church, musicians etc.   If a family needs to spread their payments or make special arrangements due to financial pressure they should engage, in total confidence, with the group as soon as possible.  There is a discount for 2 or more children from the same family attending any of the classes in the one year.

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