Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to enrol your child in Belmayne ETNS, please fill in the enrolment form on the school website here. The school office will then contact you as soon as possible regarding a place in the school. Like all Educate Together schools, Belmayne ETNS operates under a ‘first come-first serve’ basis but a sibling policy is in place.
There is no school uniform in Belmayne ETNS. However, we do ask that all children, but particularly those in the junior classes, should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes and footwear all the time as every day involves at least some movement and physical activity. Clothes should also be suitable for arts activities. All removable clothing and footwear should be labelled.
The children are responsible for their own belongings. All belongings (schoolbag, shoes, coats, books etc.), should have the owner’s name clearly marked on them. Items that are left behind in yard or hallways will be placed in the Lost property box at the front door.
No, a book rental scheme is in place in the school. The cost of this varies from year to year and you will be contacted about this every June.
School starts at 8.30 AM. The teachers collect the children from their class’ designated line up spot. School finishes at 1.20 PM for Junior and Senior Infants and at 2.20 PM for children in 1st-6th class. 
All classes have a twenty-minute break between 10:25AM and 10:45PM. Lunch break is from 12:15 PM to 12:45 PM. The children spend half of each break eating a snack and the other half playing on yard. 
Yes. Each child is asked to fill out a food order form where they can choose their lunches for the week. The school currently provides hot lunches through a Department of Education pilot intiative. These lunches are delivered to the school before big break as to keep them warm. Please note that this is optional and you may of course provide your child with your choice of lunch. However, we would ask that you adhere to the school’s Healthy Eating policy when preparing your child’s lunch. All lunch waste must be brought home as per the school’s Green School’s initiatives.
When children are absent for any reason, an email or phone message to the class teacher or the school office to explain the absence is required. The school should be notified of any infectious illnesses, and the child kept at home until they have recovered fully. You also have the option of notifying the school of abscence reason by using the school’s Aladdin Connect App.
I would like to organise a play date with someone in my child’s class. How do I get in contact with the child’s parents/ guardians? Each class has a parent who has volunteered to be the ‘class rep’. The class rep will have a list of the contact details of each parent/guardian in the class. This class rep will also contact you regarding events and notes specific to your child’s class.
All school related information is shared with parents using the Aladdin Connect App. This is a secure way for parents to keep up to date with all school related events and activities. Aladdin is also used by staff as an online administration tool. Staff also communicate with parents by email. Parents are asked to check their emails regularly. We would also encourage parents to check the school website too. Each class teacher has a blog on the school website that they use to upload photos and notes specific to their class. 
Good communication between parents and teachers is essential to the environment we work to create. Therefore class meetings are held at the beginning of the school year, so that parents can be informed of the requirements of the new class. Individual parent/teacher meetings are held in February. Two written school reports are sent for all pupils in February and again in June. However, if parents have any problem or wish to speak to the teachers at other times of the year, they are very welcome to make an appointment. This may be done by contacting the teacher via their email address. All email addresses for teachers can be found on the here



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