Maths Week 2021

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Maths Week took place this year in Belmayne ETNS from Monday 18th-Friday 22nd of October. The children took part in plenty of different activities during the week. The main theme of the week was ‘Maths in the World Around Us’. As part of this theme, every class took part in a Maths Trail during the week to help them find all of the maths in their local environment. The younger classes did their Maths Trail around the school grounds where they found shapes, numbers and many other things in places they had never looked before. The older classes made their way to Father Collins Park and on their Maths Trail discovered the area of the playgrounds, angles of water features and many more interesting facts.

A huge credit must go to all of the parents and guardians who took the time out of their busy schedules to record short videos of how they use maths in their daily lives and in their work. The children really enjoyed learning about how maths is used by Dublin Fire Brigade, in Archaeology, when presenting on the radio, valuing property and when working as an accountant to name but a few! These videos really helped the children to develop an understanding and appreciation for the applications of maths beyond the four walls of the classroom.

We also had great fun seeing all of the entries into our Maths Eyes Photography competition, where children were challenged to find something in their local environment that they could ask a maths question about. There were some very creative entries into the competition, including some brilliant questions too.

Other activities for the week included a Maths Puzzle of the day for children, staff and parents/guardians. This led to a lot of healthy competition and friendly debate about strategies and answers during the week. Each class also took part in a maths quiz and enjoyed the opportunity to put their maths skills into practice.

Overall, we had a really enjoyable Maths Week 2021 and are already so excited for Maths Week 2022! We hope you are too!

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