Reopening of School & The Delta Variant

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Hi All,

I was in contact with Public Health today.

They informed me that they are seeing rising numbers of cases in creches and children,  along with nursing homes/ hospital staff,  even where adults have been vaccinated. 

The Delta variant is highly transmissible and they expect to see rising numbers once schools reopen.

To operate as safely as possible,  can I ask that parents  are extra vigilant this week. If your child is unwell please do not send them into afterschool or into school.

Please continue to encourage sanitising and hand washing. If you have any doubts,  ring your GP for advice.

I am concerned  with Delta  that transmission will be far quicker than with previous variants. This will result in staff/pupils  being sent home. We also are in a position where cover for staff is not easily found due to a shortage in available teachers.

I know for those of us who are vaccinated  we may feel somewhat safer.   PH have said if vaccinated people get Covid they are unlikely to get very sick which is positive. However  vaccinated people are still getting covid and the symptoms that go along with it.

Travel and returning to Ireland-

Children between the ages of 12 and 17 will be required to have a negative RT-PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to arrival to travel into the country, unless they have valid proof of vaccination or recovery.

Children of any age, travelling with accompanying vaccinated or recovered adults will not be required to self-quarantine post arrival.

However, where one accompanying adult needs to self-quarantine, then all children must also self-quarantine. – Government advice on international travel (

Your full support will be much appreciated this term and when we reopen. 



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